Thursday, August 23, 2007

Leaving Aberdeen in the broad daylight...

....which is a reference to a song, in case you were wondering. Anyway, I am, later on today, by steamer, and touch wood, the forecast is pretty good for the crossing to Shetland via Orkney (not that I'm getting off at Kirkwall, but with a bit of luck it'll be a nice sunset over Scapa Flow).
It's gloriously hot in Aberdeen at the moment, with people disporting themselves in that very Scottish way, in ill-advised semmets and peculiar bustiers. And that's just the men. Let's hope the weather extends to the northern isles and lasts the weekend. Or even beyond!
Experienced one of Aberdeen's treasures last night - the Meze House cafe in Rose Street. Probably the best humous in the UK, followed by superb kofta kebabs with enormous quantities of rice and salad. It's a bit of legend in the north east, and if you're into Turkish cooking, you must try it. It's unlicensed and cheap. You can bring a bottle but they do charge hefty corkage, and I have a (possibly unfounded) theory that alcohol is looked upon with mild disapproval by the proprietor. Who's called Mohammed.

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