Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Skipwatch, the return: Hillswick, earlier today

...and despite going past this skip EVERY DAY, I have NEVER seen anyone putting anything in it.

Note: the basketball hoop, obviously dumped by someone totally frustrated by over-exposure to Olympic athleticism (he said grumpily, having injured his foot while attempting to emulate Chris Hoy, only more slowly, and on a mountain bike. While carrying a pint of milk and six bannocks).


Laura Scott said...

Such beautiful countryside in the background, surely spoilt by the skip. Can you no' get the council to come and move it?

Anonymous said...

Tell the Tate Modern the skip is not for sale, is part of the local heritage, and contains several items of Tracey Emin's underwear and they'll not only take it away, they'll probably give you a million quid for it.

I'll go halves with you for my cunning plan....

Regards as ever,

Anonymous said...

Not so much a skip...more like our recycling centre. In there today, and gone tomorrow.