Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mull2Muckle Days one and two

Having problems with pictures so they'll pop up when I get to a proper computer and on Twitter/FB.

Stephen from Fairpley, who are handling the logistics for the Mull2Muckle for Scottish Fair Trade Forum, ran me down to the Mull of Galloway from Ayr, where I'd broadcast from. Set off in a smirry rain and a nasty wee wind, amid loose cattle and sheep. Hard going. What had I let myself in for? But it was only 5.5 miles to Drummore, not the 10 I'd anticipated, so blessed relief to check into the Queens Hotel. Great soup, log fire.

Up and away at 9.15 today, upset stomach disappeared after first half hour in dull, cool but dry conditions. What a fantastic part of the world the Rhinns of Galloway is. Scotland's secret treasure.

Across the bombing range and past the caravan site where Susan and I had to wrestle a disappearing camper van awning into submission. Then I missed the cycle route and scared myself senseless on the A75 until the Glenluce turnoff.

Decided to avoid the A77 from Stranraer and take the B road from New Luce to Barrhill, then to Girvan. very glad I did. It's one of the great lost roads, a narrow Tarmac track across the high moorland, quiet and mostly smooth apart from some cracked bits and truly scary cattle grids. Some hard climbing but worth it. Was joined for 10 miles by the Tom Morton Show's top Carlisle listener, Heather Eccles, to whom thanks for cycling slowly (she's a triathlete)and for the survival pack! Then I hit Barrhill and thought it would be an easy run to Girvan.

It wasn't. The climbs, on terrible road surfaces, we're endless, it seemed, and I was rapidly running out of resources. at last Girvan appeared,far below, and there was a splendid swoop down to meet Julie Campbell and the superb team behind the Girvan Community Garden.

Things learned today? It's fine to stop. As long as you start again. And don't have sausages for breakfast.

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