Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's camper van time!

Fresh off the boat this morning after a 'blind' buy on eBay, this is the new (F-reg) camper van. It's a Ford Transit, and thus has a fine rock'n'roll heritage. I finally got round to telling Susan about it this morning...she hasn't seen it yet. What can I say? It's got a satellite TV and GPS. And a toilet. What more could you ask for? Well, it sleeps four but only seats two, which is a bit confusing.


hoolet said...

hi tom
the auld transit looks ok , and as it's no a coachbuilt body ideal fur tourin on oor narrow scottish roads , you would probably get it cheaper than an equivilent V W as you're peyin for the name and notion that it's got tae be good if it's german, awra best .

Rachel Fox said...

Seats 2 and 'sleeps' 4...hmmm..swinging, dogging, picking up strangers...what do the young people call it these days?

Tonykaku said...

it just looks and i think it may be bigger
than my apartment which seats a few and sleeps
one...ok, it has slept two, but only one now.

andrew said...

So Sheland funaly has its very own Mr White Van Man, only jocking. Thinkung of the years of fun and enjoyment you waill have in it....congratulations.....looks very good...can we get some pics of the inside?
Andrew Mcnab

andrew said...

You can clearly see I did not check the spelling in that last post...shame on me....blush blush

Unknown said...

The auld transit is indeed okay. Since I seafayred to Aberdeen to acquire it in August two thousand and eight, it has clocked up quite a few more miles. Bags o room. Simple owld thing. Not rusty. Has been doon the West Coast in August and September 2008, including Loopallu. Now that it is has been comprehensively and professionally rewired it will, if I'm spared, be travelling around the Highlands for many more years.