Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Me, Kate Moss, stem cell research and unexpected encounters on the last train from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Found myself having dinnner last night at The Grain Store in Edinburgh's Victoria Street - very good, but it wasn't until we adjourned to the Bow Bar opposite that we realised what all the paparazzi kerfuffle in the street had been about.

Seems Kate Moss had been in town with her boyfriend, who is the guitarist with boyish beat combo The Kills. Not only that, but she had actually been in the Bow Bar, drinking Guinness and Morgan's Rum, according to the Daily Record. I saw lots of blonde Edinburghian Mossalikes, but not the genuine article.

I was in Embra for a meeting to discuss tonight's public meeting on the subject of stem cell research, which, for my multifarious sins, I am chairing part of. My job seems to be keeping five professors in order and steering them away from jargon. Shouting at professors is always fun.

Why am I doing this? Oh, a friend of a friend asked me, and I couldn't really say no. Apparently I don't have to know anything about stem cell research, which is just as well.

I caught the 11.30 train back to Glasgow, and bumped into Orcadian author-turned-vintner-and-dramatist Duncan MacLean. Don't think I'm allowed to say what he's working on, and was in Lower Scotland to discuss, but it's to do with Shetland, very major and very exciting, I think.

Anyway, last day in Glasgow for some time...through to Edinburgh tonight, Aberdeen tomorrow and home in Shetland on Friday morning.

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