Thursday, February 23, 2006

Podcasting is go!

Right, here we go with my first ever podcast! I should say right away that this is NOT the radio show and has NOTHING to do with the BBC. It has everything to do with the kind of songs you can find on my myspace site or by clicking on the 'tom morton's songs' link over on the right.
This (Tom Morton's Chatter and Twang)is a different animal, though, and frankly I'm not sure how it works. YOU WILL NEED PODCASTING SOFTWARE to use the xml links below, and then you have to paste the 'feed address' in to it to subscribe. It seems that podcasts are syndicated in some weird way to places like iTunes, but frankly I hae ma doots. Though go to the iTunes Music Store and have a look for Tom Morton's Chatter and Twang. It's not like straightforward downloading, by the way - you subscribe, thus having subsequent podcast and updates automatically delivered to the doors of your perception. If it works! Anyway, if you click on this

tag, you should be, well podcasting. Err...obviously you don't have to.
What is on the Podcast? Well, basically, it's just me and a guitar (or two: Martin Shenandoah D28 and Moon 003) singing and talking into my trusty Tascam digital Portastudio, which lives, along with double basses, cellos, mandolins, banjos, drums and pianos, near but not in The Barn of Bannocks.
Anyway, it's here if you're in any way podcasting-inclined! I'm excited!

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