Tuesday, July 17, 2007

St Andrews, Day Two, and a real computer

Whew! I am now a fully-registered member of St Andrews Library, enabling me to use one of their computers to surf and check out the blogging, email and Facebook turf. My Nokia 9300i is OK for checking email but the business of micro-mailing is just too much for my enormous fingers...
It's a glorious day in St Andrews and I'm recovering from a night in a hotel with the smallest bedrooms outside of a Tokyo capsule hotel. Good steak last night at Greyfriars. The whole business of travelling by train with a folding bike is, if not a nightmare, not pleasant. It's like having the heaviest pushchair in the world with you. Still, it was a lovely five-mile run from Leuchars to St Andrews last night, cycle path the whole way.
Yesterday's live show in North Berwick went well, with some nice tunes from Dropkick, and today we're set to take up residence in Church Square from two until four, with special guest James Yorkston. then it's back to Leuchars for the train to Stonehaven, where we do the show tomorrow.

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Al Issner said...

St. Andrews got the sunshine thanks to the TMS. It really was impressive to see how smoothly the broadcast went - even with audio competition from the Seaside Mission! James Yorkston's contribution was very enjoyable - and he was so unassuming! He didn't seem bothered by having to wait around before finishing his set - he spent quite a while seated on a bench, just like the rest of us listeners - and when he was finished, he put his guitar in its case, shook hands with the engineer, the producer, and you, and just walked away! No show-biz razzamatazz there.