Monday, July 30, 2007

Still in Glasgow, still eating (and eating)

Just in case you were wondering, the reason I'm still in Glasgow is that I'm on holiday and well, this is as far as I'm going to get.

It's a complicated business, holidays in our family. James (who has been here in Glasgow with Susan and Martha and me for the past week) is now off to the National Youth Orchestra with his double bass and for the next fortnight will actually have to do some practising before heading off to do glamorous gigs in Berlin and Amsterdam. As well as in Scotland and indeed on that proud proclaimer of the airwaves, BBC Radio SCotland.

Susan and Martha, meanwhile, have been shopping womanfully and are now plotting a trip to London for more of the same, then a great big stonking carbon footprint over to Berlin to see James perform. I haven't been home for three weeks but am heading north (with the motorbike) on Wdnesday. I'll be home for a week with Magnus, who is working and sits his driving test on Saturday. Then back down to mc and play at the special benefit gig for The Billy O'Riordan clinic in Malawi on 10th August (featuring Kitterdy, The Ping Pong Banana Show and comedy from Sandy Nelson, great auctions, fabulous raffles and much more: Grosvenor Hilton, Glasgow, 8.00 pm)

So Glasgow and Shetland are basically it for the holidays for me. We've been having a good time in the big city, though, especially eating out. Here's the list so far:

Stravaigin 2
(Ruthven Lane): Fabulous burgers, best chips I've ever tasted, remarkably good value.
North Star (Queen Margaret Drive): Erratic service but some of the best coffee in town...great scones and the eggy bread with crispy bacon is to die for.
Ichi Ban (Queen St): The full-on, communal, neon/urban Japanese experience. Fresh, fast and the Ramen rocks.
Ichi Ban (Dumbarton Road): The same only without the Blade Runner vibe
Mother India's Cafe: Just about the freshest, tastiest, zingiest Indian food outside Dundee. The tapas-sized portions are a great idea but try to remember what you ordered or confusion can arise. Also the Wee Curry House (Ashton Lane and Garnethill). All much better, I think, than Mother India her/itself
Little Italy (Byres Road) Perfect for late night coffee and lemon cake. Great atmosphere
Wagamama (off Nelson Mandela Place): Somewhat sanitised Japanese/Cantonese fusion, with a curious absence of sushi. Dearer than Ichi Ban. Good and good fun, but the automatic addition of forks and spoons is indicative of the cooking's compromise.
Spice Magic (Queen Margaret Drive): One of those carry-outs that does everything from kebabs to fish suppers through every conceivable curry. Fab value and everything we had was good.
Beanscene: Always good coffee and atmosphere, though it's not cheap, Tam!
Pizza Express: Susan hates pizza, and I've only just found this out after 19 years of marriage. But I love Pizza Express, especially that Espresso Royale thing with figs and mascarpone.

Bon appetit!

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