Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Party in Eshaness!

Another beautiful, calm night - just perfect for Linda and Christina's surprise birthday party at the excellent Braewick Cafe. The view from Braewick, over to the Hillswick Drongs and beyond, was exquisite. It was a splendid night all told - great food, music, chat AND weather.
Magnus and Christina have made a great success of the Braewick Cafe, which is also a camping and caravan site, and they're on the point of adding four wooden wigwams (very like Norwegian hutte) which look like being very popular.
I don't know why, but I always seem to specially enjoy social events in Eshaness...and visitors love the place too, not just for the phenomenal scenery. A couple of camper vans-full of tourists were at Braewick last night and fully welcomed into party proceedings...what great tales of Shetland hospitality they'll have to tell when they go back south.

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Rachel Fox said...

I stayed in a wigwam like that in Northumberland once. Kids love them but it was the middle of a heatwave and it was like being in a pizza oven... or something.