Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot Hot Heat! And all from peat!

I'm currently trying to keep peat stoves going in two different houses...this is the Radiocroft pot-bellied Machine Mart stove, making the TM Show the only peat-fired radio programme on earth, probably. Along at the hoose, I've lit (or litten, as they say in Shetland) the Rayurn and have left it with two chickens in the top oven. It's a gamble, but if push comes to shove, there's always the microwave. Unless the wind takes out the power lines again.


Muttley said...

That proves your heritage! Have you noticed that only the Scots would refer to that type of domestic equipment as a "Rayburn" to the rest of the world its an "Aga".

Ah that'll be me bangin' on about cultural stereotypes again.

Used to have a Rayburn when I was but a wain, a great jack of all trades, good for slow cooking pheasant, drying kndling (bottom oven) or reviving half dead lambs (bottom oven again!).

Current home just has an electric cooker, souless thing that it is, mind you nor do we have central heating, couple of storage heaters scattered here and there and an open fire for the hot water so we are not exactly living in automated consunmer heaven here.

Laura Scott said...

Hi Tom

I'm interested in your Rayburn! Why are you only lighting it now, or do you put if off an on as required? Are you cheating my having another cooker at home? We got an Aga in February of this year and I love it only marginally less than my husband, with my Miele washing machine coming in a close third. Our Aga is on all year round (supposed to be the most econmical way to use it) and we don't have any other cooker.

There is really nothing better than being in a kitchen with an Aga. Since getting it, I guess I have watched a maximum of 3 hours of telly a week! Much prefer baking and cooking and listening to the radio.