Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Shopping (A Trotskyist's Ascent to the House of Lords)

A Trotskyist ascends to the House of Lords

Clothes you throw away and never clean
Queuing up at Primark
No need for a washing machine
In Edinburgh it’s Primarque
And then it’s off to Lidl or Aldi Or Liddell  
We former Trotskyists need retail therapy as well

Shopping - It will heal the nation
Shopping - Our economy's salvation
Shopping - These days I’m never bored
Now I’m in the House of Lords I can afford to go shopping 

I got two for one deals
In Tesco just the other day
On Gordon’s, Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray
I know my lack  of discrimination's chronic
But gin all tastes the same when you add tonic

Shopping...Send the children back to school today
Shopping - Those teachers have had enough holidays
Shopping - It’s really revolutionary
to be in the aristocracy and go shopping

In the RCP we had such fun
We never really would’ve fired those guns
The camps we planned were not for everyone
You need have no fear. I’ll be a very nice peer

Shopping - that’s what I recommend for you
Shopping  - It’s what the best ex communists do
Shopping - that Marxist dialectic
Made life a bit too hectic. Now I’m going shopping

Even Lev Davidovitch
Would've scratched that itch 
And got rich
He’d have loved Selfridges...

Copyright Tom Morton 2020

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