Thursday, August 20, 2020

Two weeks a Year (60 Grand Motorhome)

Two weeks a year

I was always a wanderer,  restless at heart
Ready to range and to roam
Now the road beckons me, I’m wild and free
In my new 50 grand motor home
I have Steppenwolf Springsteen and Zeppelin on my phone
I let Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham play
 I cry at Margaret’s Waltz Thunder Road, Born to Run
I weep during Thought for the Day

Two weeks a year
Two weeks a year
When I leave the driveway
I’m King of the highway 
Two weeks a year

I park up in laybys to empty my tank
I let all that waste fluid flow
I'm sure that those chemicals nourish the earth
And the mess will eventually go
I’ve got Harley, a Vintage Fat Boy
It’s in the conservatory 
I never ride it I just sit astride it
And think of places I could be

In winter I put the van safely away
wrapped in clingfilm in a heated garage
Then I sit on my Fat Boy sip single malts 
And watch videos of Nigel Farage

Two weeks a year
Two weeks a year
Any longer than that
You might as well rent a flat
Two weeks a year

20 year’s holidays 
All already paid

Copyright Tom Morton 2020

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