Wednesday, September 09, 2020

The Richard Leonard Blues (A Jeremiad)

Richard Leonard Blues

I’ve got a contemplation window
In my cell at Holyrood
I see the seagulls over Calton Hill
I’d join them if I could

Nobody seems to hate me
I've read all the questionnaires
Nobody can even remember
The colour of the tie I wear

I just wanted to be like Jeremy
I’ve got the haircut and the suits
Two first names were not enough for me
I've got the Richard Leonard Blues

I’ll always be a Yorkshire lad
This accent's the only one that I've got
I’ve been in Scotland 40 years 
I still sound like  Geoffrey Boycott

And yet no-one  recognises me
It’s been a problem all my life
A woman called Karen told me last week
She’d just remembered she’s my wife

Those Blairite bastards are trying to bring me down
And some Bolshevik bastards too
But when I asked which bastard will replace me
No bastard has a clue

So Richard Leonard will have to do

Copyright Tom Morton 2020

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