Saturday, October 03, 2020

Get well soon, Donald John

Get Well Soon, Donald John

Get Well soon, Donald John
Might have been an idea to keep that mask on
Don't worry about being impeached
At least you'll get a chance to try out the bleach

Melania's in quarantine too
It's very unlikely she got it from you
At least you didn't give it to Joe
They're flying in hydrooxycholoroquine from Moscow

Get well soon  Donald John
I hope you're hearty and I hope you're hale
Get well soon Donald John
You'll have to be healthy to get by  in jail

Now you've  got  time to look back
And properly calculate your income tax
You can pray God will give you a break
But God knows the news about your faith is fake

Get Well soon Donald John
With your nylon hair and your cashmere coat
Get well soon Donald John
Remember you can always get a postal vote
Unless of course this is some kind of con
Get well soon Donald John

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