Wednesday, February 20, 2008

End of an era at the Famous Bein Inn

From the Mundell Music website (

The day the music died...............!
Urgent news about The Famous Bein Inn
There will be no more music at The Famous Bein Inn due to a very sudden change of policy........... but don't despair as Mundell Music are continuing at The Glenfarg Hotel.
Please call the Glenfarg Hotel on 01577 830241 to book or use the on-line ticketing

The Beinstock festival, due to start tomorrow (Thursday) with Denny Laine, will continue, though at the Glenfarg Hotel. And David Mundell (with Denny Laine) will be on the TM show tomorrow to talk about the situation.

David sold the Bein Inn a few months ago, to local people who were, ostensibly, keen to keep on with the music and to keep David in place to book bands. They've obviously changed their minds. It's tragic in that the FBI had built up such a reputation amongst musicians and punters, and had such a unique atmosphere. All that memorabilia! The John Martyn Corner! The Big Country and John Jorgensen Suites! Elton John and Bob Dylan having private parking spaces! Superstar gigs to a sell-out audience of 50!

What I think the new owners have failed to realise is that the music side of things was key to the FBI's appeal. They may have resented not being able to get a steak pie when they wanted to, due to all those musos, but I think they'll live to regret this decision.

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Tonykaku said...

good afternoon Tom,
you mention John Jorgenson in your blog today
and i was wondering if that is the Django Reinhardt-playing John Jorgenson? if so, i had the wonderfully
good fortune of seeing him and his band at a free outdoor concert last summer in Culver City (Los Angeles). he had a surprise guest whose name i have just forgotten that joined him on stage for a song.
the guest was an elegant older woman who sang with Django Reinhardt and Stefan Grapelli many many years ago. her voice was still magnificent. and she had such a good time singing one song that...she sang it again. now that was a first for me. the audience loved it. thanks again for all the wonderful music and chat on your BBS Scotland program.
for some reason, i hope you are the one choosing the songs.
kevin from the south bay
ps. when is the best time to visit your part of the world?