Thursday, February 21, 2008

Malt and Barley Revue goes ukulele crazy !

If you click on the link and have RealAudio, you'll be able to hear one of the songs from the show I'm just putting the finishing touches to, the Malt and Barley Revue. It's a mixture of whisky tasting, concert, celebration of Scotland and alcohol, and a questioning of our relationship with the demon drink. It comes with three free malts per punter and a lot of laughs.

But I have introduced a ukulele into the mix...see what you think here:

Susan's Aunt Ruby was a professional uke player on the White Star liners that sailed out of Glasgow in the 30s...I have her ukulele and it's playable, but needs work. This was played (in 'C') on another 1930s uke I bought off eBay.

More music and full Malt and Barley Revue information here.

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