Tuesday, February 26, 2008

George Formby and the Arctic Monkeys - a clear line of inheritance

Arrived home to find the copy of George Formby - The Ultimate Collection had arrived. It is part of my continuing obsession with things ukulele-ish, but what a revelation in terms of comic songwriting (few of the songs were actually written by Formby himself). And filth. It seems My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock was the first pop song banned by the BBC.

By the time I reached The Lancashire Toreador, the phrasing, and all that observational comic writing was reminding me heavily of Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. He is a George Formby for the noughties...though come to think of it, fellow Sheffield urchin rockers Little Man Tate are more in the lascivious line going back to good-time George.

Oh, and surely Benny Hill shamelessly ripped off Delivering the Morning Milk for the legendary Ernie...

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