Saturday, March 08, 2008

Beeb chiefs refused bacon by staff at a certain Lerwigian hotel, but mightily impressed by 'Guggenheim of the north'

At Lerwick's new museum on Friday - Kenny Macquarrie (right) and Bruce Malcolm (left), controller and chief operating officer respectively, BBC Scotland. Recovered, just about, from the antics of staff at the hotel they were staying in, where they were told at breakfast 'the bacon's aff'. Welcome to Shetland! If this is how VIPs are treated, pity the poor tourist...
I think it's fair to say, though, that Kenny and Bruce were VERY impressed with the new museum, which co-incidentally is being judged this weekend by a committee of the great and the good (led by erstwhile doyenne of Radio Four's Today, Sue McGregor) for the Art Fund Prize. Presumably Sue will be staying somewhere which has the resources to obtain bacon in the mornings.
But don't despair if you're coming to Shetland and think you may, at times, be hungry: Mike's seafood chowder at the Hay's Dock Cafe was predictably brilliant on Friday. But booking is obviously essential for lunch.

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