Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reconnecting the Radiocroft

Fair play to BT, or British Telecom...one on-line reporting of a fault at The Radiocroft, and within an hour or so an engineer - Ross - was in the exchange re-setting the ISDN card...another lightning strike suspected; everything is now fixed and The Radiocroft is back online, with broadband due for installation tomorrow.

We're going to put off broadcasting the show from Hillswick until Monday, though, testing every day this week to see if we do have a reliable digital connection. Interestingly, the show sounds different from Lerwick - not just because it's done from a soundproofed, 'dead' studio, but somehow it's less...
I don't know. I hesitate to use the word 'organic'. Maybe it's just because the Lerwick studio isn't peat-fired...


busdriver said...

Ah Tom, that stove's looking mighty cosy from windswept Strontian. Glad you're sorting it all out.

Other hat on (primary teacher one):

Why should I (or anyone else for that matter) use Twitter? What does it do? what is it for? IS it any good?



Tom Morton said...

ah well, Tweeting (or Twittering) is not for everybody....I like the way you can embed it in your other sites (Facebook, blog. Myspace). It's kind of a sidelight on what else is going on...I suppose.

Donald J Scump said...

I have to agree with Busdriver, Tom your potbelly.... stove is lookin mighty fine!

Things now go downhill.

If BT or any other well known... oh we don't have to say that on the www do we ;0) Anyway here in South Ayrshire [not that far from Troon]it takes BT four to five days to respond to a connection outage and reconnect us!! The online bank thought I had died or absconded with their money.

Then we come to the electricity, a wind speed of over 50 mph here in our "rural idyll" and we experience a power-cut every single time,! ah modern technology!!

So count yourself lucky up there in your Atlantic archipelago, it's no that bad probably better!!

Could your quick BT response have anything to do with your fame hmmm? ;) :)

JimmyC said...

Good news Tom about the Beatcroft.

Could Tavish have put a good word in for you on Monday at his meeting with BT ?

Rachel Fox said...

Hesitating on the word 'organic' was correct...the first instinct nearly always is. Who do you want to be...that annoying bloke from 'Grand Designs' ('so how does that affect the language of the house?' etc etc).