Monday, February 09, 2009

Putting the rubbish out at 7.35am...schools shut, but the gritters have been out and the buses are running...the benefits of steam radio

So, it's the Landcruiser or the public pantechnicon for the trip to Lerwick! All will depend on whether Susan has to go in to Lerwick or not. The Citroen ain't built for these conditions.

Radios Ian (SIBC) and BBC Orkney both carried the school closure announcement - a perfect example, as Susan pointed out, of community FM, as opposed to digital radio, in action. 'Not everyone has a computer.' Quite. And DAB - Dead And Buried - disnae work here. Steam radio saves lives! Or at least gives the kids a long lie.

More snow showers promised, and frost. But still, it's an absolutely gorgeous morning. A privilege to put the esse bags out.

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Muttley said...

Steam Radio... love it!

When the power goes out and all the mobile phone cells drop when their batteries run out after a couple of days how do you communicate?

Thank the lord for community broadcast radio and amateur radio operators... are we the only ones who seem to think some sort of back up strategey (sp) using earlier generation technology would be appropriate?

A case of eggs, basket and cost accounting methinks!

"Nahhh we'll never get winters like we had in the sixties again, we've got global warming... besides it's no in this years budget so it cannae happen!"

Does anyone want to tell the poor wee loves that dependant on what you read most scientists say that as the world warms up we in this country actually are destined to get colder as the gulf stream beggars off south, our winters get more severe!