Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blogging for free or writing for money...

It's been weird this week. I'm doing the Sunday Herald diary, as Alan Taylor's stand-in (have been for almost seven years) but the format has been changed, and now it's a 'My Week' (but not 'My Weekly') kind of thing, a day by day dissection of life chez Morton, and the wider world from my perspective. With added ranting.

Like this blog, in fact.

So I've found myself writing stuff in a wee notebook for future reference rather than punting it straight to the interwibble. It concentrates the mind wonderfully, the prospect of getting paid more for one article than I have earned, in total, from seven years of blogging.

Newspapers may be the Dead Tree Gazettes in this great digital age, and hacks may be hanging up their shorthand notes left, right and indeed centre, but at least journalism does offer money for words. I still don't see how I can make cash form this. Those Google Ads have made me the princely sum of 100 US dollars. In seven years.

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