Monday, March 16, 2009

Walk, don't run

Every piece of advice I've received about taking up running can be summed up in two words:



Or, at the very least, walk with short periods of almost-jogging. More sort of...joggling. Or jiggling. In my case, these tend to last a maximum of a minute and a half before exhaustion sets in.

I've determined to do any running where no-one can see me. And as there's a very nice walk around part of the Hillswick Ness, involving some flat ground invisible from any houses, I can stroll off nonchalantly and try some fast waddling with only the gulls watching.

So...I got back from work at 5.00 pm to find it was light and, in fact, quite sunny. Off I went. There's even, as the tide was out, a beach for me to do my Chariots of Fire jiggle/joggle. I find the slow motion bit comes very easy.


hoolet said...

hi tom
jist stick tae the bike at least you can sit doon while you exercise

The Driver said...

The advice I was given was to walk as fast as you can to the next lamppost/wall/rock then walk "normally" to the next one, fast again, normal, fast... supposedly it would be a better workout than a run of the same distance.

I'll stick to the bike I think :)