Saturday, October 04, 2008

All at sea...and check out the Sunday Herald

I'm responsible for the Sunday Herald's diary this week and next, so check it out if they put it up on their website, which sometimes, they don't. Otherwise I'll post it myself here.

Home again, for 10 days before we all head sooth to Glasgow for the October holidays. I thought the absurdly hectic summer was going to segue into an autumn of peace and quiet, but instead there seems to be loads of travelling:

After the holidays (I'll still be broadcasting, but from Glasgow) there's the Tom Morton Acoustic Showcase at the Inn at Lathones, 17-19 October. Featuring Esther O'Connor, Yvonne Lyon, Dropkick, Kevin McDermott and another performance of The Malt and Barley Revue. And before Christmas there will be other trips away for Whisky Live, a probable jaunt to Northern Ireland and then of course Children In Need in November, for which I'll be in Inverness.

All this and some very exciting news I can't blog about until contracts are signed.

Travel to and from Shetland for me has of late meant NorthLink ferries. I have to admit to having become a bit of a NorthLink fan - the 'new' (post-P&O) boats are relatively comfortable and mostly efficient, plus booking is both easy and very flexible. There's no charge for any changes or cancellations (immediate refunds if necessary) and sometimes I change bookings four or five times. Islander discount too. But if you're booking MAKE SURE you use the official NorthLink site ( and and not the disgraceful imposter lurking at

Having said that, the longest and most dangerous ferry crossing within the UK archipelago can throw up some bad weather, highly conducive to, well, throwing up. I have never been sick yet, but that's due to various techniques involving steak pie, alcohol, chips, going to bed at 6.00PM and the seasickness pill called Phenergan. The video, by the way, is the Orkney ferry Hamnavoe, though the two Shetland boats Hjaltland and Hrossey are well nigh identical. And I've been onboard when this sort of thing has been happening.

Bon voyage!


Anonymous said...

OMG - makes you ill just looking at this! Reminds me of some of the awful summer crossings between Ullapool and Stornoway as a youngster!

Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

Blimey. Makes me a tad queasy just looking at it. Do the seats on the ferry come equipped with safety belts and hard hats?


Anonymous said...'ll remember the Suilven then. Here she is crossing the Cook Straight in New Zealand where she is these days.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dan! That really really did bring back some awful memories!Thanks for posting that though - it looks as though it cannot possibly continue!

Other hair raising moments at sea....the SS Uganda school cruises!