Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry, I seem to have been hacked

Someone has hacked or hijacked my Google account. It seems to have originated from China, so any strange emails or posts are NOT from me. Apologies for any alarm or annoyance caused.


Anonymous said...

thought that !

Anonymous said...

Me too! My Gmail account. I can't work out what's been compromised, but I've mailed 700 people about BJ-Trade!

Laura Scott said...

I had my head full of eBay last night when I looked in on you blog only to find you advertising some great company with great prices - it fleetingly occured to me that that was odd, but moved on!

Sorry to hear that you've been hacked, hope that you are able to get sorted.

I've a day off today so look forward to an afternoon in the kitchen baking and cooking the tea in relative peace and quiet ... with only the TM show to keep me company (apart from the children looking in for fresh cakes!)

Kat said...

Me Too.. my google account!!!!!