Saturday, October 25, 2008

Violent storm 11

...or thereabouts. This is Eshaness at about 2.30pm today, Saturday, from the lighthouse car park. Sorry about the shoogly video. It was extremely windy. With gusts of anything up to 80 mph even the Mighty Torslanda was creaking on her springs. As for the three thrill-seekers who had left their car and were leaning almost horizontally into the wind, anoraks extended like wings, no doubt one of them survived to tell the tale.

It's so windy at the moment that the seas are being flattened. It's also very murky, so the cliffscape is not as spectacular as it might be. So far, the power has stayed on - always the way when you invest heavily in petrol for the generator.

It's a soup kinda day: chicken stock from last night's roast, mushrooms, sweet potato and lentil with a leek and some barley thrown in. Works for me...

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