Thursday, October 09, 2008

National Poetry Day - some lines on the 'black economy'

We're inviting listeners to send in their poetic meditations on 'money' today.
Here's mine:


I've never owned a share or stock
I have a safe but it won't lock
I've never even seen the key
such things have never bothered me
Because my cash is all in hand
I fix up cars, I service vans
for notes and coin. I find that's best
I keep it all close to my chest
In pockets in a boiler suit
And sometimes in my jeans to boot
On one thing I always depend
I get a discount when I spend
Except in certain situations
which always cause me great vexation
Like when it comes to hiring cars
And they demand a credit card
A driving licence, some ID
Some proof that I am really me
Which I don't have, but they insist
And then they say 'you don't exist.'
I shrug. Perhaps you're right I say
For now, let's just keep it that way
All that you see is what I own
A pay as you go mobile phone
Some decent shoes, a sublet flat
No need for for real names renting that
My tools, my car - it's old but goes
Some books, some music, a few clothes
When I die, I just won't be there
And you won't get your car repaired


Unknown said...

Great poem that yours? Nice.

Here's a favorite of mine discovered in a book of his works in the library at Lioncleit School in Benbecula in 96.

By Norman MacCaig

Stop looking like a purse. How could a purse squeeze under the rickety door and sit, full of satisfaction, in a man's house?

You clamber towards me on your four corners - right hand, left foot, left hand, right foot.

I love your for being a toad, for crawling like a Japanese wrestler, and for ot being frightened.

I put you in my purse hand, not shutting it, and set you down outside directly under every star.

A jewel in your head? Toad you've put one in mine, a tiny radiance in a dark place.

Enjoy poetry day...a great thing indeed!

Tracy in Iowa

Rachel Fox said...

I think money is one of the only subjects I haven't written about here's one love poem that mentions money and one that doesn't but I can do for now. Hope you like them.


You can keep your twenty grand weddings
With the limos and jazz bands and suits
Give me that day we cycled to Lunan Bay
The hot sun, the empty beach
The lying in a mansize cup of sand in the dunes
The cycling home again the long way round

You can keep the diamond ring in platinum
The weighty jewel from a far-off mine
I'll take a handful of that icing sugar snow
That shines up on a sunny winter morning
Now that's what you can call sparkle
It's hard to find, harder still to keep

I'm sure love is not about the price
The menus or the pantomime
Love is the days when everyone's tired
But still no-one gets the blame
Love lies around the house quietly
Waiting, so quietly, to be needed

by Rachel Fox



You are nothing
I am less
Let's admit it
We're a mess

by Rachel Fox (again)