Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back in the Radiocroft (at least until Wednesday)

I think this is a bit steadier than my last (first) attempt at video blogging...shot on a wee still digital camera, this is The Radiocroft in Hillswick, spiritual (and for the most part, physical) home of the Tom Morton Show. It's a croft called Gateside, about two miles from my house, and last summer we ran it as a second-hand bookshop called The Bookcroft, with the radio studio housed in the stairheid cupboard.
Now the office, recording and radio studio stuff has taken over the whole house, leaving us two spare bedrooms for guests. The house is on a working croft, with sheep at the moment. There used to be pigs and hens, but no longer.
It's all very simple, really. There's an ISDN digital connection thanks to British Telecom, something that used to be called Home Highway but is now almost entirely redundant except for broadcasting purposes, due to the advent of Broadband. There's a mixer and several microphones, and we can do live music, within reasonable limits. It is, I am fairly certain, the BBC's most remote outpost within the UK.

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