Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prince's 'Guitar' , 'Batdance', my guitar and writing about whisky

Played the new single 'Guitar' again today, and it's a thrilling piece of post-Jehovah's Witnessing Princepop. Perhaps, as Brian texted in to say, not up to the standard of Batdance (check out that EXTRAORDINARY video on YouTube here) but still jammed with all that inimitable sly humour, stunning rhythm guitar, ripsnorting lead, supressed filth and even a bit of daft self-censorship (cutting out the word 'hell' seems a tad....belated).
Great email from Lindsay concerning his desire to have the song played at his daughter's wedding (it has the chorus 'I love you baby...just not like I love my guitar') which was greeted with understandable fury by the women in his life.
And speaking of guitars, I confess: I have bought another one. It's a Jay Turser JT143 jazz guitar, very like the first guitar I ever played, which was owned by my dad and was an Eko (later sold to one R Ross). Not that I can play anything but a few jazz chords. It's for the planned rockabilly/thrash metal family band currently labouring under the working title Martha and the Mor-Tones, with me, Martha and James. It's a winter project. A lovely guitar, beaurtifully made (in China, like my Lamaq cutaway acoustic and James's astonishing acoustic bass guitar) and truly phenomenal value. Much more reliable and better made than the vintage Hofners and even Gibsons I looked at.

Anyway, I hope to pay for the lovely mahogany beast using income from my new monthly column in The Scots Magazine, which is called Still Life and is all about whisky. Where are the free samples, that's what I want to know? Though, in that regard, many thanks to Aberlour and South Africa's Three Ships, I have to say. Have a look at the Nippy Sweeties blog for more spirited and spiritous fun.

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