Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hoovering with a pint of Chardonnay

...or so one entrant to today's Lost in Music competition claimed. Certainly turned my mind to thoughts of a nice Malbec, seeing as the Warehouse Wine Club (free delivery to Shetland)recently left 12 bottles of red at the door.

Some great tracks on the show today...album of the week is the new Stax compilation Sweet Soul Music and today we played The Staple Singers' If You're Ready (Come Go With Me) which is just wonderfully uplifting. Also my TTT (err..Top Titillating Track) was by Robbie Fulks, who recently - at the ABC2 in Glasgow - put on possibly the best solo acoustic show I've ever seen. His new album Revenge is a live double available only from his website. Let's Kill Saturday Night is like Born in the USA era Springsteen only stranger, more deranged, and whiplash clever. Son of academics, bluegrass guitar virtuoso, wicked mimic, country historian and theorist, he is just brilliant. If you've never heard Fountains of Wayne Hotline or the amazing F*** This Town, head for iTunes now. (No link, notice! Unlike some DJs, I'm not on commission!)

High meteorological pressure is affecting the microwave telephone connection I use to connect (using ISDN) to the BBC studio in Aberdeen, but so far there's only been one audible disconnection. Makes no difference if the show comes from The Radiocroft or from the studio in Lerwick. It's a weather thing...

Meanwhile, this Malbec is pretty good! Oh, and the boat is finally in the water. Fish, beware!

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David said...

And it's at this time of the year listening to the radio can be quite interesting too thanks to the high pressure. Although with some of the tracks on Radio 1 you don't know it it's the high pressure or some weird dance mix.