Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kelso calling

I write from the library in Kelso, where I note they charge fines for overdue books! Ah, the tiny benefits of living in oil-rich Shetland. Computer use is, however, free, and everyone's very friendly.
I'm here to do the show from Kelso High School (great deco main building)as part of BBC Radio Scotland's Soundtown initiative. I've made my escape from the studio for a wee while because our guest band, a kind of Metallica/Incubus-influenced pupil outfit, is rehearsing at ferocious levels and my continuing state of ill-health can't cope. I'm not as young as I used to be. Efforts by the engineers to get them to turn things down seem to be succeeding, but Belle and Sebastian they ain't. Anyway the bronchitis and asthma is responding to treatment and my speaking voice is becoming more Tom Waits than Darth Vader.
I've never been to Kelso. In some ways it's like stepping back in time - it's a big old town with lots of proper old-fashioned shops, rather tweedy and John Buchan-esque on first glance. Though I did have an excellent capuccino in a very plush and modern cafe called Boo. And a pure 1970s bistro experience at a place called Oscar's last night. In a good way. Deep fried stuffed mushrooms and home made chips - you cannae whack it!
Actually, I'm getting a bit peckish now - but I have to save myself as the Home Economics Department is due to ply the team with goodies in a wee while. Cream cakes agogo! Pat Nevin, a huge music fan, is coming down from Peebles to guest on the show...and we'll try not to talk about football. which in my case won't be hard, as I don't know anything about it. Who were Scotland playing last night?

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