Saturday, June 09, 2007

Made it home

....despite even worse treatment at the hands of Servisair - but not as bad as those poor folk who were on the direct flight from points sooth...they circled Shetland, went back to Aberdeen, and were unceremoniously dumped off the aircraft and told to be back next day at 12.30 pm. No offer of accommodation, taxi fares or anything.

Fortunately, there were some eminent members of the Zetlandic community around and promising to make some official waves. Finally (after being treated once again with withering contempt by British Airways) we left Aberdeen at 1.00pm (no cabin service on the flight)and reached Sumburgh about 2.00pm. Only on reading the Shetland Times did I discover that Servisair have taken over ground services for Loganair from BA, BUT, you still book through BA DESPITE the fact that you cannot check-in on line or even, get this, buy tickets at the airport.

Shetland travellers are being treated like scum by Loganair. It's time for (a) a complete boycott and (b) an invitation to Stelios or Mr Ryanair to take them on.


Julia G said...

I couldnt agree more with you Tom, its about time Loganair had some stiff opposition.

Daniel Robertson said...
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Daniel Robertson said...

yeh i completely agree as a weekly traveller my treatment has been terrible in the past 6 months.

however can we have anyone than Ryanair!!