Thursday, June 25, 2009

Radio comedy...brilliant beyond belief

Heavily edited by a young Chris Morris, BBC Radio Three's Why Bother? interviews between Morris and Peter Cook (as Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling) were the last flowering of Cook's immense talent, teased and prodded by the enfant terrible of modern British comedy. Without Morris (and especially the astonishing Blue Jam) no Little Britain, no Day Today, no Alan Partridge, no Office, no Thick of It, and especially no League of bloody Gentlemen. As for Cook, without him there would no modern mediated comedy as we know it.

All the Why Bother? interviews are on YouTube, but check this out to hear Cook's old, lazily massive intellect turning over wonderfully but balefully as Morris tries to throw various spanners in his mental works. Stunning. "Bloody...bloody...bloody eels!"

"She was born with legs only three inches long, but her parents were determined to have film-star-style daughter..."

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