Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back in The Radiocroft (again) with some trepidation

The Radiocroft is looking fairly grim today, as the nasty weather that has been battering the south of England and Wales begins to give us a pasting here in the Zetlandic Archipelago.

Bit of a kerfuffle at 1.00pm when we tested the ISDN connection with a view to going back on air from Hillswick this afternoon. It took four attempts before everything locked up and Aberdeen and myself were on speaking terms.

We sorted it at last, so it's all systems (sort of) go for 2.05pm! Speak soon!


All worked fine!
Oh, and here's a couple of links about the show...
First, from Mr Soft's blog, and second, from a forum run by The Word magazine on radio broadcasting

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