Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A lovely day at The Radiocroft (for the next five minutes)

If I open the Velux window above my head and poke my mobile phone through it, this is the picture that results. Well, it did just a couple of minutes ago!
The Radiocroft looks over the narrows of Ura Firth, which normally doesn't look quite as mediterranean...


alice b. toeclips said...

I would even jump into that water...wonder what the temperature is? (Fahrenheit, I'm terrible at Celsius)
Tom hello
Your blog is most entertaining, and even inspired some writing hereabouts...
I see you're aware of the 'ramifications' of harming the ovines, eh?
We have deer that do similar stuff (Not same diseases) but our TRAFFIC takes care of culling the herd.
Unfortunately TRAFFIC is also culling our cycling society too.

Donald J Scump said...

I hope you have carried out a full health and safety assessment and review of that view Tom!

Looks to me like it could cause lightheadedness and giddy spells not a good thing in the workplace :)