Friday, March 14, 2008

What it's like being on the front page of The Sun...

Hell's teeth. Not, alas, the end of the story after all. When I posted yesterday's blog I had no idea that some benighted individual had sent letters and emails to The Sun newsdesk, making even more salacious and bizarre allegations about my private life. Or that a reporter and photographer were already on their way north.

By the time they arrived in Hillswick they were absolutely convinced there was nothing to the information they'd been given. However, the paper decided that the campaign of malicious gossip against me was itself enough of a story.

What can you do? As I said to Gordon Tait from The Sun yesterday, when I was a hack 'doorstepping' people in search of a story was a way of life. I never expected it to happen to me. Though I have to say that both Gordon and his photographer were polite, professional and sympathetic. The whole thing remains a very distressing experience, though.

I spoke to the police last night, and they are investigating the whole business. Once anonymous letters and emails are being sent, the matter is a technical breach of the peace and criminal proceedings against those spreading the false rumours can be taken.

Meanwhile, the guys from The Sun are still on the island, tracking down anyone they suspect may have started these rumours. Which, just in case you're starting to wonder, are utterly fictitious.

I still love Shetland. I'm aware that as a minor 'celebrity' I'm an open target for idle chit-chat. But what upsets me, as I said yesterday, is the fact that islanders I have trusted and respected have quite consciously and in some cases gleefully spread lies about me and my family. Shame on them.


Anonymous said...

Crikey, this is terrible. I can only say that I'm sure your listeners and visitors here will almost feel this as a personal insult. Keep up the good work Tom - your radio show is like a beacon in a sea of mediocrity. Anyone who listens or reads your blog will know what kind of person you are i.e. sincere, professional and witty - not to mention modest and self effacing. I sincerely hope the police catch the sick person who has caused this distress to you and your family.

Stevehanover said...

Hi Tom
Sorry to hear about these malicious rumors keep your chin up and rise above it. Lets hope the Sun are as keen to name the vicious rumor monger when they are exposed

Unknown said...

Hey Tom, We also live in a very small community (Ardnamurchan) and can (try to) imagine what you're going through. You learn who your real friends are. Stick it out, I'm sure it will go away, don't let them beat you or get you down!

Ian said...

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to pass on my good wishes to you and your family. Listening to the show makes afternoons in the office so much more enjoyable.

Whoever is doing this, try not to let them get you down. Hopefully they'll be exposed and stopped very soon.

David said...

and this is why blogs are so good, we get the true story straight away.

Hang in there. Today's news is tomorrows chip wrappers (I was never good with sayings).

the borderer said...

Don't let all this nonsense get you down.
Your radio programmes and regular blogs are inspirational.......keep up the great work.

andrew said...

Hi Tom,

Was really sad to hear your your situation, you have much much more stamina than these mindless morons.
Me thinks they have taken on the wrong man.

Im sure they will be brought to justice and they will be named and shamed.

Have a good long measure of Highland Park and keep smiling.

Warmest regards to yourself and family, and of course the dugs.

Andrew McNab

Ravelry : laurals11 said...

Keep smiling and be true to yourself. Real friends know the truth and you have lots of them including thousands of listeners (count me and my family in) all over the world. I live in a small community and know how you are feeling through personal experience. My philosophy , if they don't like me & have to lie to be happy it's their loss.
Warmest wishes to you and yours

JimmyC said...

Knew it was all a lot of shit when I first heard it and told people so at the time.

Let's hope the small minded folk are named and shamed and end up in court.

All the best to you and yours Tom.

The Lunna Connection said...

Morning Tom
My first reaction to seeing the paper yesterday - "What a load of complete cobblers". Having been brought up in a small Highland community throughout my teens, I am well familiar with the existence of an exceptionally dim minority intent on defacing the reputation of anyone within the community who is more successful and infinitely more intelligent than they are. It gives cheap satisfaction to pathetic people whose lives are clearly empty and wasted. Thankfully, your story is now at the chip paper stage. Treat it with the the absolute contempt that it deserves, as we will, and keep up the good work. We're all with you on this one.

Donald J Scump said...

There was me thinking the deliverance types did not know how to use email, guess I was wrong.

Kingfisher said...

you know what like it is living in small communities if you fart in Scalloway by the time you get to Lerwick you've Sh** yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out.
It is a shame our world is still like this. Is there really nothing more interesting for our and their concerns?!

Kingfisher, that might be the most truthful and funniest things i have heard in years.