Saturday, March 29, 2008

Geocaching on the Ness of Hillswick

James, Martha and myself took advantage of the breezy brightness to go and check the Geocache we look after - Another Fine Ness, it's called, if you're into Global Positioning as it relates to treasure hunting.

Imagine our astonishment to find that the cache had been visited in the dreadful weather of last Sunday (it's an hour's rough hike just to get there from the road end). I hope the Fisher family survived.


Donald J Scump said...

This Geocache looks rather interesting we will need to look into it a wee bit more.

Your cache visitor sounds almost as daft as my sister she was at the top of some mountain in Cumbria at the weekend in the snow/blizzard eejit!
Hope she doesn't read this :)

Gordon McKinlay said...

It looks like a beautiful spot for a cache. I am glad to see there are fools everywhere who know about geocaching :-) It can be a great way to get out in the open air or a very unhealthy obsession. Keeping the balance can be hard!