Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Green on Red: pedestrians and cyclists manage not to kill each other shock

This is the bridge from Finnieston (Minerva Street) over the Clydeside Expressway and the railway to the SECC and thence over the river to the BBC. The red bit is supposed to be for walkers, the green bit for bikes. Pedestrians ALWAYS ignore the painted bicycles and appear shocked that they have to get out of the way when velocipedes bear down on them.

But they only shout if you hit them.

That's My White Bicycle, by the way...


Donald J Scump said...

Now we know who is responsible for all jumpers into the river Clyde!

As they jump through the perspex to their doom, to avoid "them" perched atop velocipedes. It's you Tom it's you who are responsible!

At least half the population of Glasgow is safe, they refuse to walk on the green portion.

Road tax for velocipedes I say ;)

tomjervis said...

through the darkeness you will see, my white bicycle and me !