Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sheep and why I hate them

In Shetland they're disease-ridden, enormously destructive, almost valueless, stupidly romanticised subsidy objects, and if it wasn't for the ramifications I'd have been out this morning already with the .20 gauge terminating the ones that have destroyed our trees, bulbs and grass. Despite the cattle grid installed at enormous expense.

We found out this week that the ecoli-0157 infested creatures which have all but ruined the township of Hillswick with shite and chewing are not subject to normal environmental health rulings, because of old crofting laws on grazing. This despite the fact that the single crofter who deliberately allows his sheep to stray has no grazing rights in this township. The sheep simply wander along the road, eating the verges (that's the idea - saves on winter feed) and causing traffic accidents. But, hey, that's the charming rural idyll!

We know they spread disease, too. But the only way to stop them - and they have wrecked the lawns of the local hotel, too - is, it seems, to take the owners through the small claims court for every single piece of damage. Either that or change the redundant and unsafe crofting laws - but given the sentiment surrounding what has become for some a ruthlessly systematic form of subsidy jugglingm that seems unlikely. The courts have proved successful elsewhere in Shetland, so that's they way forward. Either that or I'll mount a Mad Max-style set of spikes on the front of the Torslanda and hunt the woolly bastards down one by one.

Do I sound a bit harsh? have a look at Patrick Vickery's blog here:

With sheep, things can turn nasty...


JimmyC said...

The limits on small claims have just been increased in Scotland with an upper limit of £3,000

Donald J Scump said...

Do I get the feeling that you would not require the stove below to boil a kettle... that your blood would be sufficient to do the job.

And there was me going to wax-lyrical about this bein the time of year for the lambs to visit the casinos. Oh well sigh!

ps the first 3 letters of the word verification I am about to fill in read ZOO!! Spooky