Monday, March 10, 2008

Food in Shetland continued: The Olive Tree and closure of the Peerie Shop Cafe

Following the disastrous breakfasting experience of Kenny and Bruce (see below)I'm pleased to tell you that excellent petit dejeuner action can be found in Lerwick. The Peerie Shop Cafe is usually reliable, though there have been some truly bizarre burnt-muffin moments recently and the staff's lack of cheeriness remains astonishing to those not used to The Shetlandic Way of Glum Servitude.

Anyway. It's shut for refurbishment and smile training. The Havly Norwegian (Christian) cafe is also closed, which means the strongest coffee in the northern hemisphere (guaranteed to induce palpitations)is unavailable. Always feel uneasy in there reading The Guardian's more louche G2 stories.

Harbour Cafe is fine if you want grease (double egg and chips can be superb) Faerdie Maet is good for toasties but has very strange cakes and Osla's is out on principle. The Skipidock is fine if you're in the mood for chips, The Fort is where you get stunning fish with your chips (they change their fat more often than any chip shop I've ever encountered) but it's always full.

I went to the Olive Tree this morning, though, in the Toll Clock shopping centre. Excellent. Bo and Henry have worked wonders on the the layout and service, you can get Ian Mellis cheeses, very good coffee and there's enough space. Plus the freshly-baked scones were exceptional. 'Are you only here because the Peerie Shop is closed?' asked Cath. Nope.


Rachel Fox said...

'Glum Servitude' - excellent name for a band, or an album, or even a poem (who knows?). You get it on the east coast here too. Sometimes. Not that I'd ever dare draw attention to it. You are very brave.

Wendy said...

Hi Tom,
the best is yet to come, watch this space! and wait for the invite.