Wednesday, June 04, 2008

BT has fixed the ISDN line....and I'm heading home, having loaded up at LIDL and Tesco

Rocketed up the road in fine weather from Glasgow, stopping for breakfast and a massive supermarket shop at Tesco in Dundee. It's a Tesco Extra, and they have catering packs: tons of pasta, rice and gallon cans of cooking oil. Roll on the advent of Tesco in Shetland, I say.

Fill up with reasonably-priced diesel, then more rocketing to LIDL in Aberdeen, for hundredweights of dogfood, loads of coffee and German biscuits. From there, a quick hop to Beechgrove for the programme, and then it's the boat north. Looking forward to the Shetland Classic Bike and Car Show at the weekend.

Oh, and BT have FIXED the ISDN line! Thanks a million to Ernie and the other on-the-ground engineers. As for the management...see below.

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