Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pure Mince in America!

The Fratellis are in the USA...and on yesterday's TM Show, we featured, at the request of LA listener Kevin, a list of suggested 'Scottish heckles' which Kevin could utilise during their acoustic set at Virgin Records in Hollywood Boulevard.
The gig is already on YouTube, and Kevin's blog shows the sign he made to reflect the listeners' choice of epithet...
Oh, and the Glasgow Herald diary picked up on the story...though Kevin did NOT shout out said's one of the YouTube videos...

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Tonykaku said...

hey Tom,
i just added my own video from yesterday to my blog with a couple of extras. maybe later i will put it on youtube.
thanks for reading and telling my pure mince story.
it was fun. there was a "professional-type camera man there with his video camera. i think he worked for The Fratellis record label. he took some video of me and my "pure mince" sign while my cd was being signed. i knew i should have gotten into better shape before going to the concert : )
from the "poor misguided American,