Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red hot camper van brake discs, a sign from Ford and unexpected bicycling

Decided to take the newly-MOT'd camper down to Brae for Martha's music lesson (ideal for parental hingin'-aboot) much to M's fury - she HATES the thing. With good cause, as it turned out, because Gloria nearly caught fire on the way back. The near-side front brake caliper jammed on, leading to a red-hot brake disc, smoke, wobbling and general disarray.
There were some immediate repercussions, once we limped home. I cancelled plans to take the van south for the Connect festival (I'd even thought of taking it to T in the Park) and booked a Tangerine Fields tent with all mod cons for Inveraray in August. Then I contemplated either (a) tipping Gloria the camper over the cliffs at Eshaness (thanks for the suggestion, Rupert, but it's illegal) or (b) flogging it for £10 and a bottle of whisky.
Wiser counsels prevailed, though, and this morning I took the van over to Peter Hurson's garage for the brakes to be serviced. No problem on the seven-mile trip to Ollaberry, and then, as the day turned unexpectedly glorious, I cycled back home. Finding, as I trundled along the edge of Ronas Voe, a sign: A cracked and abandoned Ford badge by the side of the road. A sign that in the avoidance of unnecessary unhappiness, the first rule is: NEVER BUY A CAMPER VAN ON EBAY. Especially not a Transit.


Anonymous said...

It may be illegal to lob the van off Eshaness, but you did contemplate it! I still haven't got round to replacing the Jota's front mudguard after the Shetland Classic Show, so if you need a hand pushing the van off any cliff you'll have to wait....

busdriver said...

I did say a T25 was the way to go! ;-)